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When studies show that 90% of children at age 6 think they can succeed at something, and by the time they are 12 only 10% think they can, we have to wonder why. As a mother of four daughters, I know all too well that dealing with pressures at school, home, on social media and from friends can be incredibly overwhelming. There are myriad external influences that can be hugely damaging. Unless your child has a robust sense of self and purpose, s/he may easily fall victim. Our children feel pressure to succeed in so many areas of their lives: from academics to sports, their appearance, or friendship groups. Unreasonable expectations of perfection just cannot be met. This in turn damages their self-esteem and lowers their confidence.

After working with so many adult clients who were dealing with issues or traumas stemming from their childhood, I sought to immunise children as best as possible. The mindset of a child can determine what messages they will deflect or absorb.  Children can adopt optimistic thinking and a positive mindset to help guide them through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. 

Confidence in one area can transcend into others. Through one-to-one coaching and our workshops, I seek to find what does work for your child and help them build on that. 


Initial consultations are with one or both parents, during which time you can share any useful background information about your child as well as your ambitions and best hopes for him or her.  

In the child-led sessions (generally without parents present), we will focus on solutions to challenges and also on adopting a robust sense of self.  It is a safe space to share and explore.

Whether it is stress, anxiety, school pressures, friendships, bullying, social confidence, health, or family dynamics, I provide an empathetic ear and will work with your child to discover practical tools and solutions that can be used each day.


Individual sessions- £50 

Prepaid Package- £240


Initial session with parent 

Five sessions with child

11+, 13+, Common Entrance & School Assessment Confidence

While it is increasingly common for parents to employ tutors to help their children perform well in the school entry exams, few take similar steps to assist their children with the stress of such an important event.

Children feel stressed, anxious and fearful, particularly in the face of important exams, where much is riding on the result. That distress causes the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body. And cortisol causes health implications but also impairs memory, clouds thinking and impacts learning. 

Topics included in workshops​

Well-Being - We will tackle the spectrum of fears, frustrations and anxieties that children feel about school, examinations, relationships as well as their futures. We will challenge negative thoughts, uncover tools that will aid in learning more effectively, learn various calming and coping techniques that can help him/her to relax, feel better, improve performance and increase confidence. 

Debate- Gain heaps of confidence, learn about topical issues, and have enormous fun in a series of exercises that elicit fast-paced competitive banter.  

Interview Prep- For school interview.

Goals- Children need goals to achieve great things. There may be fears, anxieties, or challenges holding him or her back. We will address these challenges and formulate meaningful goals. 

Worry Series Workshop

Two-part series of workshops aimed at tackling worries head on.


Excessive worrying can be debilitating and isn't something that will just go away on its own. We can't change the way we feel, however, through discussion, activities, coaching, games and role play we will learn new ways of thinking about and dealing with worries. Ages 8-14.

Social/New School Confidence

This is a great workshop focusing on building confidence in all social situations. Children discover the importance of social confidence from introductions right through to long-lasting friendships. Fitting in is a big deal. We will focus on the myriad ways we communicate. It is quite common for children (and adults!) to have anxiety towards social and new situations and we will discover tools to look and feel more confident. Situational improv, fun and games.

Ages 8-14


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

-Lao Tzu-  

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